I recorded my first single the one in Bahasa Indonesia entitled “Maafkan” in 2011 after so many songs I wrote and they are all stayed in my computer. A song about broken hearted feeling and regret for letting somebody go from my life. It was my very first experience singing in a recording studio and became the first step and a milestone in my song writing world.

The second song recorded was “This Song for You” a song about social and environmental issues we face everywhere in the world today. I was inspired by so many events like forest fire where trees, animals our atmosphere are suffering and indigenous people who are struggling to protect their own lands. This is just an expression of my feeling in how I deeply feel their struggle. And this is how I show support.

The third song “Please Stand Up” is about the dark tragedy Bali bomb blast in 2002 where a friend of mine is a survivor. I was inspired by her story especially during the tough time recovering from bad injury and mental disturbance. All of her friends had gone that time. After a long period of treatment the medic managed to restore her vision even though it was not a 100% healed. She is living a normal live now but has to wear glasses and still gets dazzled by the light every once a while.

Those songs especially the second and the third one were not produced professionally. Everything was done at home with friends and with very limited facilities. They still need a lot of work and the videos are still temporary as well. I took photos and footage from internet and have no copyright on them. I do apologize to the owners of those properties for using it temporarily. Meanwhile I will record more songs in the near future.


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